Cardio, sports, Yoga, CrossFit or strength training?

One question that my friends often ask me is what should they do for fitness? Should they do yoga, go jogging, join a gym or just play some sport? Frankly speaking, my suggestion is to try it all for some time and then pick the one that you like. Which one of these is more efficient? The answer is the one that you can do consistently and enjoy doing it. Fitness is a long-term game and doing something consistently for years needs a lot of grit and dedication. If you don’t enjoy your fitness program, no matter how good and efficient it is, you will quit it at some point.

Victor Freitas, Unsplash

My choice is strength training. I enjoy it and also find it more efficient compared to others mentioned in the title. My fitness goals are to stay fit, look nice in a t-shirt, have functional strength, endurance, and less body fat. Strength training with a bit of cardio builds muscle and gives functional strength. What I meant by functional strength is you need to be able to do strenuous day to day tasks like lifting and carrying heavy objects, heavy gardening etc. Just doing cardio does not give this strength. It burns fat but only while you are doing cardio. Strength training burns fat even when you are not doing exercise because it builds muscle and muscle increases motabolism. I also feel muscular build help compensate for my bad postures and long durations of sitting in a desk job.