Daily Schedule

With 9-5 job and two kids, how does my day look like? When is the best time to do exercise? I tried many time slots: evenings, office breaks, mornings etc. I found the early morning slot, before the kids wake up, the best. The problem with evening slot is that I have limited time to spend with my kids after office. If I spend 1-2 hrs for exercise, I will have less time with them. I also don’t like to use the office breaks for exercise, I would rather use the lunch break to spend with collegues. This leaves me with only one slot: mornings. I also have to accomodate time to get my elder daughter ready for school. So I have to finish my exercise session before they wake up.

Photo by Stanisław Gregor on Unsplash

So, this is how my weekday timetable looks like:

5:00 AM: Wake up, morning snack: banana and black coffee

5:30 AM: Exercise

6:45 AM: Bath, meditation and vaccum the house

7:30 AM: Wake up the kids and get my elder daughter ready for school while my wife cooks breakfast.

9:00 AM: Office

5:00 PM: Play with kids, house chores, help wife with supper

8:00 PM: supper

8:30 PM: Get the dishes into dishwasher and clean kitchen while listening to Audible books

9:00 PM: Go to bed

I don’t do workout on weekends. I still wake up at 5AM even on weekends, but instead of workout, I will read the magazines I subscribe to related to business, health and technology or general books from my library. The reason I don’t workout on weekends is that I might have to go to friends’ places and will miss the workout. On weekdays, I know I will be at home, so I can maintain a strict workout schedule.

A couple of important points to keep in mind. Because of Covid, I am working from home and wife is not doing job because of second baby, so easy to follow this timetable. Once I start commuting and my wife starts her job, the timetable will look different. I will do another post in that case.

Other important point to keep in mind is that I have a garage gym. This way, rain or shine, I don’t miss my workout. Another advantage of garage gym is that all the equipment is for me and I don’t have to adjust my workout based on the availability of equipment which I used to do when I was going to gyms. I don’t have to waste time going to the gym, locker rooms, gym etiquette etc.

With this timetable I tried to balance me-time (office, workouts, reading etc) and family time. This time table gives me maximum time with my family as most of my me-time is when the kids are sleeping. Waking up at 5AM is tricky especially in British winters. But no excuses, you just have to do it.